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I don’t post a lot. Sorry


I don't post a lot. Sorry

What’s new with lil’ old me? not that much. Except, schoolwork, a lot of it. Hence the lack of posts. Yea. There aren’t that many coming of late, so here is a poem, to…you know, catch up with the blogging.
This is a free verse poem about me, because I honestly know a bit about that subject, and at the moment, I am feeling rhymeless, (not a word)

I am here.
Hovering somewhere between musty subway stations, and abandoned sandwiches,
Somewhere between Goldie-locks and her bear problems,
And Anne Of Green…whatever.
But really,
I can be like that gum you smear from your shoe.
Or I can be a bowling alley shake,
Who am I?
Who do you think I am?
They see me,
They might take notes.
But that’s not me
It’s a shell,
A mask, if you will,
I can be found reading.
Writing? nothing less than my oxygen!
Kicking back, googling, getting utterly captivated by the silliest things sometimes.
Gotta brush ‘em.
Drawing, my breathing out.
Music seems a distant thing,
A faraway clank I can’t wrap icy hands around,
Lest I slip and fall.
Friends, a few, all good.
I’ll never refuse a chance to get dressed up,
Or to play in the snow, mud, or rain,
I love campfires,
I love cinnamon rolls,
I am me,
Brooklin, Stormie,


2 thoughts on “I don’t post a lot. Sorry

  1. hello brooklin stormie.
    you being you, you willowy, knobby kneed, mud-puddle jumper,
    brings me a lot of joy.

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