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Cool treehouses

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50595195784917246_eYA4t133_c156781630747336165_eNPbOnO6_c180847741256073340_dhFaT0Hs_cfantasy-tree-houseCool treehouses

(Origonal images links:


Al right, now that the credit is all out of the way I will rant about my love of these things.
Let’s forget about the structurally unsoundness (hope I used that right) and let’s also forget about any other drawbacks. We are elves, we are gonna bake cookies in trees care-freely. I for one would move in in a heartbeat. It seems almost like this represents a way of life where humans are living in rhythm with nature, and it’s just kinda nice.

Okay, who doesn’t want to live in a house like that?


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