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How to write a series of nine books according to my brother. Why nine? Why not nine?

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How to write a series of nine books according to my brother,

book 1: Introducing the world and characters.

book 2: almost a slice of life with hints of bigger things to come

book 3: start the story you want to tell, perhaps introduce a villain

book 4: focus on one character that you haven’t focused on. Have character do something big (perhaps unforgivably stupid)

book 5: Middle of the adventure, almost slice of life but during adventure, excitement and action.

book 6: the false ending, the resolution, up until the last couple chapters, when it gets bad

book 7: Darkest one, focusing on the villain the most, trying to pull themselves out of reign of darkness, last few chapter= hope

Book 8: leap of faith, putting what the have to do to the test, end on a downer note,

book 9: start off with downer note, bring hope back up, climax resolution.

When I was 9 I had planned out a series of nine books (I only actually completed the first one and got half way through the second, but I had a story I wanted to tell. When I asked my brother how to write a series of nine books, his response was this. I henceforth thought he was a literary genius, I just thought I’d share this with anyone else writing a series of nine, i’m sure there are many other ways, and this is probably only works for a fantasy, but I still think it is great, thanks bro.


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