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I love trees. When I was ten, me and my best friend bought a tree-face. What is a tree-face? well, it is exactly what it sounds like it is, a face for a tree. It was purchased at a yard sale. 75 cents. We went to the park, we nailed it to a tree. We dance under that tree, we had a pretend wedding in which I married the tree, we had a celebratory picnic under the large, brown, tree, and it watched us unblinking, it’s stony 75 cent, tree-face eyes didn’t so much as blink whilst we munched on mock-chicken sandwiches and dosey-doed after lunch. The tree is gone now. I went to the place where it had stood, and stared at the stump. I skimmed over it in conversation, I decorated it with amusement, with rants about how my tree-face hadn’t even been returned to me. But it didn’t matter. The tree was gone, and it saddened me. I love trees, I loved that tree. So don’t forget to thank a tree, or give one a face, or dance beneath it, because trees are wonderful things.


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